Our Story

Hi, I am Sarah, and I am lucky enough to have called Queenstown home for over four years at about the same time I moved here I discovered the fashion industry has caught up with the oil and meat industries for the damage it is doing for to our planet.

In fact: The textiles industry creates MORE POLLUTION than AVIATION and SHIPPING combined.

By joining my love of fashion and our planet I founded awear, a social enterprise committed to landfill avoidance and demanding transparency within the fashion.

Sustainability and ethics do not currently go hand in hand with fashion as we know and it is harming our planet and its people exponentially, not to mention that 60% of clothing goes into landfill of incinerators withing twelve months of manufacturing.

Textiles within landfill within NZ has doubled since 2009 and does not seem to be slowing down; I have spent the better part of the last two years building this online community introducing you beautiful lot to the realities of fast fashion and hosting some local swap shops and here we are, welcome to your local swap service – supporting you on your journey to a waste free wardrobe.

If we all bought second hand or swapped for one year, the co2 savings would equivalate to taking all the cars off the roads in LA for four years.

With a commitment to a circular economy within the fashion industry we as consumers can set our sights on a future where sustainability and ethics are not a request but a requirement.

It is not that we never have to shop again, but with the savings from swapping you can use your power as a consumer wisely and spend your hard-earned cash on those making the effort to better what we wear.