Join The Fight

In just thirty years, the fashion industry has managed to rival the devastating effects that both oil extraction and 10,500 years of domesticating cattle and farming have had on our environment.

Swapping worn clothes and sharing items that are made to last instead of buying new, in an earth-saving ecosystem. Not only does it help our environments by discouraging landfill, but it allows you to connect with like-minded humans that want to make a difference and share in the joy of pre-loved clothing and those in the industry actively making a difference.

By advocating slow and sustainable fashion choices, you are choosing quality over quantity and valuing the craftsmanship that goes into producing individual garments – and your individual style now has room to play!

Allow the self-expression that mass produced fast fashion has tried to squash into moulds.

This ‘swapping ecosystem’ is something that anyone, anywhere can benefit from.

Our community is fully inclusive in the belief that we can all learn from and support each other as we grow. It’s ok to admit a percentage of your wardrobe currently goes unworn and it is fine to shop – we are all on this journey to a waste-free wardrobe together.

Start today and recognise we all as individuals can make a difference

We have monthly and annual subscription options.